Hello World

Welcome, friend! This is About me.

I’m a programmer and maker of things. Currently into PHP and Node.js. Aspiring rebel by heart. I created DocsPen, FriendsTub, Swapifier and GitFolio with some other friends. I Publish Tons of Node Modules.

I love doing open source and creating human friendly tools. When doing so, I value succinct code with clear intent, and I make small focused modules and compose them to build larger and more complex things.

This is my first blog. I realize I’m years late to the game. I finally now have time to write about stuff. Follow this blog if you like unicorns, open source, Node.js, JavaScript, workflow tips, technical insights, and goofy humor.

I’m currently funemployed doing open-source full-time. I spend most of my time in India. Say hi if you’re around!

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, and SoundCloud. My photos on Instagram, and 500px.

I have an open Twitter DM and email.